Brentwood United Methodist Church 2022 steeple

The Brentwood skyline will look a little different for the next year after the steeple at Brentwood United Methodist Church was removed to begin restorations. 

The 92'10"-tall steeple was installed in 1976 and was removed on Tuesday by the use of several cranes for routine repairs and renovations.

According to BUMC, the steeple could be down for one year as it’s transported to Campbellsville, Kentucky. 

"The steeple atop our church has come to be known in the Brentwood skies and loved for the beautiful music that sounds out from the Carillon throughout the day,” BUMC Director of Operations Julia Todd said in an email.

“Many in the community enjoy hearing the music while they enjoy lunch on our campus. While we will temporarily miss the sights and sounds the steeple has provided us for over 40 years, we look forward to reinforcing our facilities to better serve the community for the next 40 years and beyond!"

Renovations will include reinforcing the structure, as well as some cosmetic changes, but the 16-foot cross that sits atop the steeple will return.