Brentwood High School rising senior Thomas Day told the judges of America's Got Talent his favorite subject was football. 

After all, Day is the main kicker for the Brentwood Bruins football team and a nationally-ranked talent at the position for preps. Chris Sailer Kicking has him as the 37th-best kicker in the Class of 2021. 

His brother, Tucker, plays for Mississippi State as its punter. The younger Day said on the show he's getting recruited as well. 

But Tuesday for AGT's audition round, he showed off a different skillset for the talent competition: his singing chops.

He chose the song "Break My Heart Again" by Finneas for his performance, impressing some of the judges and earning support to move past the audition round. 

"It comes from a really emotional part of my heart that I don't like to expose," Day told the crowd of why he picked the song. "But the only way I can expose it is with this song." 

Then came the performance. Entertainment site Gold Derby offered that "his emotions truly were on his sleeve throughout and the audience ate it completely up. " 

"It's great that a guy like you that is into sports is also into your music," AGT judge Sofía Vergara said after he concluded. "And I imagine it's very different from what your other teammates do. So for you to explore that sensibility, it's amazing. I loved it." 

"You have a great charisma," judge Howie Mandel said. "I think you've got great tone in your voice. But were you nervous?" 

"A little bit," Day replied. 

"I just think this looked a little nervous and stiff to me," Mandel replied, which prompted big boos from the crowd and fellow judge Simon Cowell shaking his head. "They don't have to agree." 

Judge Heidi Klum gave Day his first "yes" vote through to the next round. 

"I love a young man who's not afraid to sing a schmaltzy song," she said before giving him the stamp of approval to move on.

Mandel gave him a "no," drawing more boos from the crowd, but Vergara disagreed and gave Day his second yes. It would be up to Cowell to keep him in the competition, unless he got a "golden buzzer" save from one of the other judges or host Terry Crews, per Gold Derby. 

"I think it was a really, really good first audition," Cowell said. "Judging by the reaction in the room, I think the same thing will be people watching at home, they're going to want you to do well in this competition, Thomas.

"But we see a lot of singers who come out here where I'm genuinely struggling, going, 'well, where do you go from this?'" 

After a dramatic pause that had the audience and even judges on edge, Cowell gave Day the thumbs up to move on to round two. 

"But there are so many songs I could hear you reinterpreting, so you've got your third yes," he said, getting cheers from the crowd and an excited response from Day.

Gold Derby says he will next move on to the Judge Cuts rounds in July once the audition cycle concludes. He will also return to the gridiron this fall when Brentwood heads into the season, which will be Day's last with the team. 

Below is the full audition: 

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