Mike Ditka

Mike Ditka has a IMAC clinic named after him in Illinois. (CC BY -ND 2.0 from Flickr)

The Brentwood health care company IMAC has opened a new clinic in Arlington Heights, Illinois promoted by former football player and coach Mike Ditka.

IMAC specializes in regenerative rehabilitation and orthopedic treatments without the use of surgery or opioids. The company has 14 clinics, including the David Price IMAC Regeneration Centers in Brentwood and Murfreesboro.

Using the names of high profile athletes is a major part of IMAC’s marketing strategy.

“We recognize that partnering with a renowned brand ambassador such as Coach Ditka may present opportunities to educate a broader spectrum of potential patients about IMAC,” IMAC president Matt Wallis said, according to a press release.

Ditka played tight end fo the Chicago Bears, Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys. He was also the head coach for the Bears and the New Orleans Saints.

In addition to lending his name to the new health clinic, Ditka has also put his name on cigars, wine and a restaurant.

In the press release, CEO Jeff Ervin said the new clinic will capitalize on Chicago area residents’ “enduring love” for Ditka.

Price, who is from Mufreesboro, was a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox and several other teams.

IMAC has also partnered with former basketball player Tony Delk and former baseball player Ozzie Smith.

IMAC hosted a ribbon cutting at the Ditka clinic on October 8. The company recently completed renovations at the clinic.

IMAC acquired the new clinic, along with two other clinics, from Progressive Health and Rehabilitation in April.

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