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The fabric store Brentwood Interiors will close its doors by the end of this year after nearly 70 years in business. 

The closure is unrelated to the coronavirus pandemic. Manager David Buffington — who has been with the store nearly 50 years — said he was very thankful for his customers, but that the retail landscape has changed a lot since the 1950s.

“Retail culture has changed to the extent that shopping at a brick and mortar location for quality merchandise that will last for generations is no longer the way people think," he said. “We understand that, and we're OK with that. It's just that is who we are.” 

Brentwood Interiors started as a salvage store in the building that now houses the Johnny Cash museum in Downtown Nashville in the 1950s. The salvage store sold a variety of products such as clothing, food and shoes. Fabric sold especially well, and eventually the company decided to specialize in that area. The company moved away from salvage and expanded to sell rugs.      

The company opened the Brentwood location in 1997, operating both locations for seven or eight years before closing the store downtown. 

“We've always been a discount store. We've always had real good prices, and real good customer service,” Buffington said. “We love our customers and they love us.”

Customers lamented the closing when the company announced the closure on Facebook. Many customers praised the staff’s kindness and shared memories of shopping in the store decades ago in the downtown Nashville location. 

The store closed down on March 23 as the coronavirus spread across Tennessee, and didn’t open to the public again until April 29. However, Buffington said the closure wasn’t related to the virus. 

The store’s inventory will be discounted over the next several months as the store prepares to close.    

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