How to Survive (and Thrive) When You Work from Home

The vast majority of Middle Tennessee tech companies expect to have more remote workers even beyond the peak of the coronavirus outbreak. 

According to a recent survey conducted by the Greater Nashville Technology Council, almost three quarters of its members expect remote work to become more common. Only 28% of employers expect the proportion of remote workers to fall back to where it was before the coronavirus pandemic. 

Leaders at local tech companies expect that about 38% of their employees will work from home following the peak of the coronavirus outbreak. Before the outbreak, only 19% of employees worked from home.  

“Tech leaders are telling us that working from home is here to stay,” tech council president Brian Moyer said, according to a press release. “Our sector already had a large number of remote workers, and the COVID-19 quarantine has proven to more employers that many team members can be just as productive working from home.”

Most tech leaders don’t expect a quick economic recovery from the pandemic. About half of the companies that responded to the survey expect a gradual recovery. About a third think the economy could recover quickly, but that a second wave of the virus will slow down the economy later. Only one in ten expect a quick, strong recovery.

Many tech companies don’t expect to see any measurable economic improvement until the fall or even later. 

Events will be put on pause as well. Most tech companies aren’t planning events with up to 50 people until the fall, and don’t expect to hold events with more than 100 people until late this year or early next year. 

In an earlier survey, the tech council reported that while many tech companies are losing revenue they have been able to avoid layoffs. Many companies are still hiring. 

For its most recent survey the tech council, which includes many members from Williamson County, collected data from 87 companies.