Mill Creek Brewing

Mill Creek Brewing Company is resuming operations after filing for bankruptcy last week.

A new partner came forward after the brewery announced it would close about two weeks ago, according to a press release. That partner put money into the company that will allow it to move forward.

CEO Chris Going said he didn’t want to name the new partner, but he was thankful to get the company up and running again.

“We are thrilled to have a new partner who sees the value in the Mill Creek brand, our presence in the marketplace, and wants to keep building. Personally, I’m extremely grateful that we could bring our staff back and we’ll be able to continue the work we started,” he said in the release.

Mill Creek filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy the same day that full-time employees returned to work, and the company will be restructuring its debt.

From the outside, the company won’t look all that different.

“It won’t really change anything. They’re back to work today,” Going said in a phone interview. “We are going to continue operating while that gets sorted out. Our intention is to move the company forward with that process so we can put the company in a better financial position.”

Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows companies to continue operating while paying off debts over time. According to court documents, the company has about $190,000 in liabilities.

Going said that the two week shutdown didn’t have a major impact on the business. The company maintained its relationships with distributors, and there was still beer in the tanks when employees returned on Friday.

Mill Creek employees are already packing the remaining beer, and Going plans to start brewing again this week.

The company plans to open the tap room in Nolensville in the next several weeks.

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