The newest public company in Williamson County decided to move its headquarters from Southern California to Brentwood because of the availability of talent, centralized location and business friendly environment.

Cryoport, a company that provides temperature controlled logistics solutions for the life sciences industry, moved its headquarters to Brentwood last year.

CEO Jerry Shelton, a Nashville native, said Tennessee’s business friendly environment was a big factor that motivated the move.

“California is not a particularly business friendly state. It has a lot of unnecessary regulations we just didn't think were right,” he said.

Shelton suggested Texas, North Carolina and Tennessee as possible locations for the new headquarters, and the board of directors picked Tennessee.

With operations in Europe, Africa and the United States Shelton said moving the headquarters further east made it easier to coordinate time zones as well.

The new headquarters is small. There are only about nine people in the office now, but the company has plans to expand the office to about 20 people. That would include accounting staff, a new VP level human resources position and a new Chief Information Officer position.

Vice President of Corporate Development Tom Heinzen said the availability of health care talent in the Nashville area made Williamson County an attractive destination. Shelton added that the tech talent pool was also impressive.

“As we are looking to grow our team that's important. (There are) a lot of great people around, Vanderbilt medical is around,” Heinzen said. "It's a good spot for us to look for new people too.”

The company didn’t receive any state or local tax incentives for the move, and didn’t coordinate with Williamson Inc. when searching for a headquarters location.

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