Numotion x LUCI

Numotion x LUCI

Brentwood company will sell a hi-tech smart wheelchair

The Brentwood company Numotion, which sells products that improve mobility and independence for people with disabilities, will now sell a newly developed smart wheelchair.

The smart wheelchair uses motion sensors to prevent users from falling over curbs or crashing into other obstacles. It’s similar to the automatic breaking technology that can stop some cars from rear ending another driver.

The smart wheel chair product, which can be attached to most power wheelchairs, was developed by the Nashville company LUCI. The company launched the product in July, after three years of research and development.

Numotion will be the first retailer in the U.S. to offer the smart wheelchair technology nationwide. Store will have access to LUCI’s educational materials and expertise to help equip customers.

Franklin apparel manufacturer expands partnerships with NFL, MLB and universities

The Franklin apparel manufacturer Logo Brands, which sells branded merchandise for sports teams, has expanded partnerships with the NFL, MLB and several universities.

In December, the company signed a multi-year agreement, starting next year, that allows the company to manufacture, produce and distribute stadium blankets, throws and pillows for all NFL teams.

The company also signed a similar licensing agreement with the MLB, that allows the company to produce MLB branded throws, pillows and coozies.

"This is the last piece of a very big puzzle that took years to complete," said Jason Potts, vice president of business development at Logo Brands. "Logo Brands is now one of only two companies with rights to manufacture throws and pillows for all professional sports leagues and all colleges." 

On Dec. 18, the company announced a licensing agreement with The Ohio State University. The company will be the primary supplier for licensed tailgate products such as chairs, tables, tents and stadium seats. The company will also produce other items, such as blankets, throw pillows, ornaments and inflatables. In November, the company signed a similar licensing deal with Louisiana State University.

Logo brands already has licensing agreements with Alabama, Arizona, Arizona State, Cincinnati, Colorado, Connecticut (UConn), Florida, Fresno State, Georgia, Kentucky, Miami, Minnesota, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech, Washington and Wisconsin.

The products will be available at stores like Walmart, Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Academy Sports, Bed Bath & Beyond and other retailers.

In October, Logo Brands opened its first seasonal store in the Cool Springs mall. The store was open from October through December.

Behavioral health network opens new clinics

The Brentwood-based behavioral health network Odyssey Behavioral Health opened new clinics in Virginia and North Carolina this month.

Odyssey offers treatment for adults and adolescents with psychiatric disorders, eating disorders, substance use and co-occurring conditions. The company provides a range of care from intensive residential treatment to outpatient services. The network currently has 20 locations.

The new locations in Virginia and North Carolina are part of the Pasadena Villa Psychiatric Network, which is affiliated with Odyssey.

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