Nirad Chaudhari

Nirad Chaudhari will lead Vaco's new office in Vancouver.

Revenue cycle manager buys health tech company focused on patient engagement

A health care revenue cycle manager with a major office in Franklin has acquired a software company focused on patient engagement.

Alabama-based AccuReg acquired the Orlando company Zenig, which provides software for touchless check-ins, virtual waiting rooms and patient communication for health care providers. 

Last week, AccuReg secured a loan to buy out Eastside Partners, which had a minority stake in the company. A portion of that loan is also paying for the acquisition of Zenig.

“By combining Zenig’s innovative digital patient engagement technology with AccuReg’s market-leading, front-end revenue cycle management solutions, we can provide health systems with solutions that give healthcare consumers an experience similar to shopping on Amazon,” AccuReg CEO and Founder Paul Shorrosh said, according to a press release. 

AccuReg is based in Alabama, but opened a Nashville office about four years ago. This year, the company moved its local offices to Cool Springs.

Nashville area engineering firm merges with Chicago company

The Nashville-based engineering and consulting firm S+H Group is merging with the Chicago-based company Alfred Benesch & Company.

S+H Group provides utility design, geotechnical engineering, land development, construction administration and capital improvement planning. Benesch provides professional services for transportation engineering, environmental, wastewater and geotechnical consulting. 

Benesch has more than 750 employees across the U.S., and already has offices in Nashville and Brentwood. S+H Group will be part of Benesch’s Tennessee Division, which focuses on roadway and bridge design, as well as landscape architecture.

Brentwood staffing company opens an office in Vancouver

The Brentwood staffing firm Vaco is continuing its expansion into Canada with a new office in Vancouver.

The opening of the Vancouver office comes about a week after Vaco announced that it was expanding its office in Montreal. Nirad Chaudhari will lead the new Vancouver office.

“The Vancouver market is the fastest-growing economy in the country and has untapped potential for success,” President of Technology Solutions for Vaco’s Canada offices Tom Turpin said, according to a press release. 

In addition to the new office in Vancouver, Vaco opened an office in Montreal last year. In October, the company acquired a technology staffing firm in Toronto. Vaco also acquired a financing and accounting staffing firm based in Toronto in 2017. 

The Vancouver team will offer services including technology, finance, accounting, operations, administration and managed services. 

Business coaching company sells online membership program 

The Franklin-based business coaching company Michael Hyatt & Company has sold its online membership program.

The program, called Platform University, was launched in 2013. It teaches students how to build an online following. Michael Hyatt sold the program to Advance Your Reach, another coaching company that focuses on building an audience. 

Michael Hyatt originally focused on helping its clients build a large audience, but now focuses mainly on coaching business owners, executives and leaders. As a part of that shift, the company decided to sell the Platform University program.

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