New exec at Odyssey Behavioral Health

Odyssey Behavioral Health, a Brentwood company that provides treatment for eating disorders, psychiatric disorders and addiction, has named David Bell the new Vice President of the outpatient service division.

Bell was previously the CEO of Pasadena Villa, a network of treatment centers owned by Odyssey Behavioral Health. In his new role, Bell will be responsible for the growth of Odyssey's outpatient division throughout the United States which focuses on mental health and eating disorder treatment.

"I'm excited to build superior psychiatric outpatient centers in partnership with our strategic clinical partners and Odyssey's strong operational leaders to meet the rising demand for evidence-based, quality care,” Bell said, according to a press release.

Angel Piper will become the new CEO of Pasadena Villa. She has more than 20 years of experience in behavioral health. She has served as the CEO of Coral Shores Behavioral Health, Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry and Valley Behavioral Health System. As CEO at Pasadena she’ll oversee the growth of those programs.

National Guard donates Dave Ramsey financial literacy courses

The Army National Guard is donating Dave Ramsey’s financial literacy curriculum to 279 high schools across the U.S.

The schools will use Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance Course, which teaches the value of saving, spending and giving. More than 5 million students have taken the course.

“One of our goals at Ramsey Solutions is to bring financial literacy to the masses, and we believe that can start in the classroom,” Executive Vice President of Ramsey Education Jim King said, according to a press release. “We are honored to impact communities across the nation.”

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