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The coronavirus is making it harder, and more expensive, for many nonprofits to operate. At the same time, it's harder to raise money.

Tennessee is offering $150 million in federal coronavirus relief funds to nonprofits to help them address the health and economic impacts of the new coronavirus.

The program is called the Tennessee Community CARES Program.

The aid is intended for nonprofits in Tennessee serving Tennesseans. The program aims to fund organizations providing the following services, with a special focus on organizations fighting the effects of the virus:

  • Educational support for school-aged children and their families 
  • Workforce training 
  • Emergency food assistance
  • Assistance in accessing public benefits
  • Financial assistance to prevent homelessness, eviction and foreclosure
  • Financial, health or educational assistance for disabled people or other vulnerable populations 
  • Public health activities such as education and public communication
  • Distribution of medical supplies and protective equipment
  • Mental or behavioral health services
  • Housing people who have COVID-19 

Organizations that have already been providing these types of services are also eligible for reimbursement. 

The state plans to partner with existing nonprofits to help distribute the grants. Those nonprofits would be responsible for issuing sub-grants to other organizations. Tennessee hopes to release grant applications on Aug. 1, and the grants will be process on a first-come, first-serve basis.  

“Non-profits play a vital role in ensuring Tennesseans’ needs are met in times of crisis, and it’s imperative these organizations receive financial support to continue their work,” Gov. Bill Lee said, according to a press release.  

More information about the program is available through the website of the Governor’s Office.

In addition to the money for nonprofits, the state has also announced an $81 million grant program for schools and colleges and a $200 million grant program for businesses

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