McEwen Northside

Mitsubishi and Williamson Inc. are among the tenants of the McEwen Northside Building.

Williamson Inc. is moving on up. Later this year, the chamber of commerce plans to move across Interstate 65 to the sixth floor of the McEwen Northside building.

Chamber employees have been working from home during the coronavirus outbreak. The plan is to continue that arrangement until they move into the new office in late August or September.

The larger office space will include a large conference room capable of hosting more than 50 people, a resource chamber members have often requested.

Director of Talent Development Nick Biniker said the larger conference room was one important reason for the move, but the organization tasked with bringing new companies to Williamson County also wanted an office space showing the best the area has to offer.

"We're always courting new businesses to move to Williamson County, or businesses that are growing, showing them office developments they might want to go to,” he said. “For us, it's a huge benefit to be in a place that represents what new development looks like in Williamson County ... We want our office to be a little bit of a showcase of what office development looks like.”

The new space will neighbor Mitsubishi’s headquarters and has a panoramic view of high rises in Cool Springs. The McEwen Northside development will have restaurants and retail shops near ground level, and also includes office space, a hotel and apartments.

The development more closely resembles the next wave of construction in Cool Springs, such as developments like Ovation, Aureum and the East Works District, which have similar features. 

“We’re thrilled to be moving to one of the most innovative mixed-use developments in Williamson County”, CEO Matt Largen said, according to a press release. “McEwen Northside encompasses all the elements of a live-work-play environment, and sets the bar for the other mixed-use projects planned in the Franklin/Cool Springs commercial corridor.”

The office is still under construction. Williamson Inc. expects to open it to the public in September. 

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