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After starting the spring semester with all students staying home and learning remotely this week, all schools in the Williamson County Schools district will return to campus when the second week of the terms begins Monday.

In information released Thursday afternoon, and after consulting with local health authorities, the district pointed to several factors toward the reason for reopening all elementary, middle and high schools. Among them are the fact that numbers in some areas of the COVID-19 pandemic have actually improved since schools closed for the winter break Dec. 18.

The district said its reasoning :

 •    As of today at 3 p.m. and based on information shared with our schools by families and staff, there are 144 confirmed cases of COVID-19 among students and staff across the district, lower than 173 confirmed cases on Dec. 18, our last school day of the first semester.

•    There are 351 students and staff in quarantine as compared to 2,645 in quarantine on Dec. 18. 

•    Our school administrators share that staffing levels are appropriate for a return to school on Monday. 

•    The State reports that confirmed cases among children ages 5-18 in Williamson County is 344 as of Jan. 6. 

•    While active cases in Williamson County peaked on Jan. 2, they have been declining since. 

Though, as of Thursday, Williamson County had 19,703 overall cases and 2,396 active cases, which was up from Wednesday. 

Links to this and other relevant data may be found on the WCS COVID page

The eight schools in the Franklin Special School District started the semester with in-person learning for all grades, with schools having reopened Wednesday for the new semester.

"Even when community spread has been high, our schools did not see a significant increase in COVID-related absences following extended time off,” FSSD Director of Schools David Snowden said in an announcement last week.

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