Gina Gunn

ChangeTN, a progressive organization that trains and supports progressive candidates in Tennessee, has endorsed Gina Gunn in her bid for Brentwood City Commission.

A resident of the Nashville area for more than 30 years, Gunn moved to Brentwood in 1976 and taught in the Metro Nashville Public School system for 13 years.

“Her history of working for and volunteering for the community gives her a unique insight as to what is needed in Brentwood right now," said Drew Dison, executive director of ChangeTN. "They need leadership that is willing to speak up for the voiceless, and Gina definitely brings that to the table.”

Gunn had also served on the Brentwood 50th Anniversary Committee, a service that ChangeTN praised as demonstrating her passion for the city of Brentwood. Gunn has been actively involved in a large number of other organization including Jack and Jull of America, Links Inc., Girl Friends Inc., and the Carrousels Inc.

Created by Matthew Park and Drew Dison in August of 2020, ChangeTN is a social welfare organization advocating for progressive policies in Tennessee. Through candidate endorsements and outreach, ChangeTN says it aims to transform the way progressive policies are viewed and discussed.

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What are the specific issues and policies would Change/TN wants addressed. I well remember the last time someone ran on the basis of "change" without defining precisely what would be changed. Don't want that again. Progressive is a nice word, but sometimes it can "progress" in the wrong direction.

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