The Christ Presbyterian Academy Lions football team defeated the Lipscomb Academy Mustangs 24-7 at CPA Friday night for a chance to defend their D-II AA title.

“We don’t keep track of what happened the year before,” said CPA head coach Ingle Martin “I am excited for the opportunity to coach this team for two more weeks.”

“They are well coached and so physical,” said Lipscomb Academy head coach Trent Dilfer. “They schemed us up on a pooch kick, which sucked the life of our comeback in the second half. Their ability to run the ball and win the battles up front consistently was the gap between us and them.”

The Lions started the offense in the first quarter with a long touchdown run from their own 34-yard line from junior running back Tyler Reid.

“I just tried to follow my blocks and my wingman.” said Reid. “I could not ask anymore from my offensive lineman."

With 7:03 remaining in the second quarter, CPA junior kicker Mac Seibert tacked on a field goal to give the Lions a 10-0 halftime lead.

Lipscomb Academy gained some momentum in the third quarter on a rushing touchdown from sophomore running back Jaden Lyles to cut the CPA lead to 10-7 with 6:50 remaining.

“We got something going there on the first drive of the second half,” said Coach Dilfer. “We ran the ball and were able to mix it up. Jaden is a really good player, and he will continue to get better.”

On the next play, the Lions executed a kickoff return from sophomore Reid Williford to push the CPA lead to 17-7.

With 2:30 remaining in the fourth quarter, Reid collected his second touchdown in the game to extend the final score to 24-7.

CPA held the Mustangs to seven points in the game.

“It starts with our seniors,” said Coach Martin. “They have done a good job executing and believing in Coach (Ryan) Taylor’s plan on defense.”

With this loss, Lipscomb Academy finishes the first year of the Dilfer head coaching era as one of the final four remaining teams in the division.

“I am really proud of this group and community,” said Dilfer. “We have come a long way, and I am happy to recognize the people that helped us get to this point. We still have long way to go.”

CPA will advance to the Division 2 Class AA championship game on Dec. 5 at 3:00 P.M. in Cookeville at Tennessee Tech and take on Evangelical Christian School.

“They have a great group of core seniors,” said Martin. “It will be a honor to play them because they have a great football program and a good bunch of coaches.”

“We are happy to go back and excited for this redemption opportunity against ECS,” said Reid. “We are just blessed after a rocky start to be back (in the game)."

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