Brentwood Green Space donation Oct 2019

The Citizens for Brentwood Green Space present the Brentwood City Commission with an $80,000 check.

Gil Hutchison, president of the Citizens for Brentwood Green Space, along with other members of the group, presented the city with an $80,000 check during the city’s October commission meeting. 

Hutchinson said that the money to help preserve green space came from a variety of fundraisers throughout the year such as the fifth annual Walk in the Park event as well as a sizable, but unknown amount that was donated by the estate of the late Peggy Howell who was a longtime member of the Citizens for Brentwood Green Space board. 

“In 2011 we announced that we would raise. $300,000 towards the funding for the land for Smith park, so we’ve had a very good year,” Hutchinson said.

The non-profit group that began in 2004 was joined by the commissioners for a group photos before several commissioners expressed their thanks including Commissioner Regina Smithson. 

“I just can’t thank y'all enough for everything y'all have done. You made a commitment years ago and you stuck with it and you’ve worked very hard and diligently and it has not gone unnoticed,” Smithson said. “It’s a big thing to have a lot of park-land in our city and the fact that when I got on the commission we had 81 acres of park and now we have close to 1,000 acres, that says a lot about what we strive for in this city.”

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