Ravenswood slave cabins

Ravenswood slave cabins.

The City of Brentwood was recognized by the Heritage Foundation of Williamson County during the 2020 Preservation Awards for its work in preserving and restoring the historic slave cabins at Ravenswood Mansion.

According to a news release, the primary goal of this project was to return a structure to a documented earlier appearance, and the award in the category of Preservation through Restoration was awarded to 'Slave Dwelling Restoration at Ravenswood Mansion, City of Brentwood,' after the city undertook restoration of the historic brick buildings in 2019.

“In 2019, the City of Brentwood budgeted for the restoration of the two small, brick dwellings,” Heritage Foundation Director of Preservation Blake Wintory, Ph.D. said.

“The city oversaw a careful and expert restoration by Midwest Maintenance of Ohio to clean and repoint exterior brick as well as remove non-original doors and other modern elements. These restored slave dwellings will be an important reminder of the full story in this public space.”

Brentwood Assistant City Manager and Project Lead Jay Evans said in a city news release that the city is the custodian of its history as the property owner.

“It is incumbent upon us to ensure these important structures survive the passage of time, and those who lived here and endured 19th century slavery are not forgotten,” Evans said. “This project goes a long way in preserving these historical assets for future generations.”

Ravenswood Slave Cabin repair 1

Repairs are made to one of the two surviving Ravenswood slave cabins.

“The City of Brentwood felt it was important to restore these cabins to make sure that future generations learn about the complete history of Middle Tennessee and the sacrifices of many,” Community Relations Director Deanna Lambert added.

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