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While Jackson Bruck & The Dukes of Hume may appear to just be a group of like-minded musicians with a passion for rock, lead singer Jackson Bruck believes they’re more than that – a “band of brothers” – and that was no better exemplified than on Saturday, where the band  performed an explosive show at the Pilgrimage Music Festival in Franklin.

The Dukes of Hume were the last to perform Saturday at the Millville stage, which greets guests entering the festival near the entrance. Bruck called the venue “incredible,” and said the energy of the crowd during his performance was “so high.”

“The environment is so great, the weather’s perfect, and just the look on people’s faces as they’re coming through,” Bruck said. “You can just tell, the energy and the atmosphere is so high.”

Near the middle of their setlist, the band broke out what they consider to be one of their defining original songs: “Fleet Street.” The song starts soft with only an acoustic guitar and vocals before eventually exploding in both speed and energy, concluding with a two to four minute guitar solo.

“I think from a live perspective, “Fleet Street” is definitely a special song, it’s the song that solidifies us,” Bruck said. “There’re songs that mean more lyrically, but I think that that song’s a blast to play because it’s a full roller coaster ride. It starts acoustic guitar/vocal, and by the time that it’s climaxing, everybody has peaked, guitars are yelling… it’s just fun.”

But what really sets the band apart, Bruck said, was the brotherhood the band members share.

“The Dukes of Hume, it’s a band experience, and I always wanted that,” Bruck said. “When I first got going, I always knew that my goal with making music was not for me to be a showpiece in that I was going to hire people out.” 

“I wanted the band of brothers mentality where we go out and we’re all fighting for the same cause. When you do that, it’s such a different experience on stage, and it’s a different experience for the fans. They look at us, and they go, ‘you guys just look like you’re having fun, you look like brothers.’ In a way we are, and that is because of the way we like to do it.”

The Dukes of Hume were formed as recently as 2018, but have already played such venues as Live On The Green Music Festival, Let Freedom Sing! Music City July 4th and Thunderground, as well as performed live on Channel 4 News.

Currently in the works for the band is Golden Road, their upcoming album, set to be released in 2020, with singles from the album being released periodically throughout the fall of this year.

“When you’re just hiring players, the main objective is not to mess up,” Bruck said. “We’re past that stage, where the main objective now is to listen to each other and see what we can do expressively to create something new and special.”

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