Although the U.S. Fire Administration doesn’t keep official statistics, industry sources estimate between 40,000 to 150,000 pets die in fires each year due to smoke inhalation.

Invisible Fence, a Tennessee based company, is doing its part to help reduce those numbers.   The company donated fifteen pet oxygen masks to the Brentwood Fire and Rescue Department today. There are five sets of masks, in three different sizes that will be distributed to fire stations all across Brentwood.  Brentwood Fire Chief Scott Ellis accepted the donation. He said, “We are very thankful for this donation.  This will allow us to help save those pets endangered by fire.  A fire is always a devastating event for the family anyway and if we can help save a pet then it’s good for the family and for us.”

The mask comes several sizes to accommodate any pet. The mask can be placed on an animal rescued from a fire who needs oxygen.  So far, the company estimates the masks have helped save 10,000 pets from fires and smoke inhalation. Jef Fox made the donation on behalf of Invisible Fence and said, “We see this donation as an extension of what we do, which is keep pets safe.”

This week is Project Breathe Week. Project Breathe week was created by Invisible Fence and is dedicated to bringing awareness to pet safety during fires. Invisible Fence will have donated 13,500 pet oxygen masks across the country by the end of Project Breathe Week, including approximately 200 here in Tennessee.

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