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Everyone experiences grief – and on the same token, everyone responds to grief differently. For Nashvillian singer-songwriter Morgan Myles, the recent loss of a loved one led to her crafting one of her most emotionally-charged songs yet: “Sanctuary,” which the public got a sneak preview of ahead of its official release Saturday at the Pilgrimage Music Festival in Franklin.

Besides “Sanctuary,” however, the majority of Myles’ songs were upbeat, fun and lighthearted, greeting guests as they entered the festival at the Millville circle stage. From the empowering lyrics of “Silence,” to the reggae-inspired “Acapella,” audience members were more than content, cheering and whistling along to the music.

“I was actually happy that we were right at the front on a cool circle stage,” Myles said. “I was like, ‘this’ll be fun’ because people are coming right past us and everyone seemed to be fresh – now tomorrow morning they might not be, but this morning they’re all in good spirits and they’re ready to go.”

Regarding the writing process behind “Sanctuary,” Myles said that music is her therapy, and that it allows her to channel her grief into something positive.

“My grandfather had brain cancer, my cousin got a mutated gene of it at 30 and he was able to survive for three years, and he was the one that moved me to Nashville and he was just such a big influence in my life,” Myles said. “He’s my best friend, and it was just really challenging. It’ll be a year in December.”

“You’ve got to ride it out, and music is my therapy. That song… obviously it’s specific for me, but it’s more of a generic thing too because everybody goes through so much stuff. At the end of the day, it all comes down to love. We all need to connect and help one another, and that’s what that song’s really about.”

Myles has received glowing reviews from outlets such as Billboard, Rolling Stone, and CMT, and has also toured with American country singer Reba. Myles is currently working on a new record, which she said should come out by January, 2020, though singles from the record will be released periodically throughout the rest of this year.

When asked if she could divulge any information on what direction she might be going on her new record, Myles reiterated her theme of music as therapy.

“Music is my therapy,” Myles said. “I wrote a song called ‘Therapy,’ and I want everything to be based on that music is my healing and it’s my therapy. That’s where my heart’s headed.”

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