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Williamson County commissioners from District 4 have named their nominee to fill the Board of Education seat left vacant after Brad Fiscus had stepped down last month and later moved out of state with his family.

Gregg Lawrence and Chad Story, who represent District 4 on the County Commission, interviewed 10 applicants and selected Josh Brown as the candidate they will present to commissioners at Monday night’s October meeting. Brown and his wife, Mary Kate Brown, have three children in the Williamson County Schools district. He is a lifelong resident of Franklin and a graduate of Page High School.

Brown “is a man of exemplary moral character and outstanding relationship skills,” Lawrence wrote in an email to commissioners. “We believe that Josh is exactly the right person to put on the board at this time, and that we are fortunate that Josh is willing to serve in this position.”

At Monday night’s meeting, other commissioners can nominate their own candidates, and a vote of the full board will determine who fills the seat. It will be held until Aug. 31, 2022, and will then be filled for a four-year term through next year’s countywide election.

Brown said he welcomes the chance to be a part of the board, even though members have endured contentious times and faced angry parents during the COVID-19 pandemic over the past 18 months.

“As a product of [WCS] schools myself, and based on where we are today and all the issues that are being discussed and the attention being paid to our school system, it was an opportunity for me to step up and make a contribution as someone invested in the community and has a pretty good read on the community,” Brown told the Home Page Thursday evening.

“I think what I would seek to do is to provide balance and accountability. Sometimes we need to ask the hard questions, regardless of what side of an issue you’re on, and do it in a respectful way. I think we need to encourage and bring forward better communication, among the school board and between the school board and the parents.”

Brown holds a senior level management position with the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, and he admits that could be seen as a conflict of interest to some.

“Some people have raised questions about my employer and how that presents a conflict or disqualifies me from serving,” Brown said. “I wanted to address that by saying that to the extent there is a conflict, whatever that might be, I would recuse myself. I do not want this to be about my employer, but rather serving in my capacity as a citizen and a parent.”

Monday’s County Commission meeting gets underway at 7 p.m. in the auditorium of the Williamson County Administrative Complex.