Williamson County has seen nearly 50 new reported cases of COVID-19 since last Friday. 

After Friday's tally saw the county at 595 overall cases, the state reported Tuesday that cases had risen to 648, a 53-case jump. 

There was a 18-person bump in cases for the county from Monday (630) to Tuesday (648), the biggest such increase for WillCo in two months. 

The daily average from June 2-9 of cases in Williamson was 11.5 new cases a day (81 new cases in the stretch), compared to the time spans of May 26-June 2 (5.7, 40 overall that week) and May 16-26 (5, 35 overall). 

If this new trend continued for 30 days, there would be 540 new cases for the county. 

There have been 11 deaths in the county thus far, and 11,055 negative tests conducted. 

The Tennessee Department of Health has reported a total of 27,575 cases of COVID-19 across the state, up 631 cases from the number on Monday, continuing an upward trend of infections across the state a month and a half into reopening. Of those cases, 18,103 have recovered, 1,974 have been hospitalized and 435 people have died — up 450, 26 and 14, respectively, from the numbers 24 hours earlier.

A total of 8,434 test results were processed and reported since Monday, bringing the statewide total to 521,197 people tested.

This post originally appeared in our sister publication, the Nashville Post

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