A variety of crimes were reported in the Brentwood Police Department's weekly crime analysis, including a Christmas Eve break in of a vehicle on Sinclair Circle where clothes were reported stolen by an unknown person.

On Jan. 4, a purse was stolen from a vehicle on Concord Road after the vehicle's window was broken by an unknown person.

Sometime between Jan. 4 and Jan. 6, a catalytic converter was cut from a Brentwood Academy vehicle that was parked at the school. No suspect has been named in the theft.

Several shoplifting incidents were reported including the theft of handbags from Nordstrom Rack on Dec. 30 by five unidentified people. According to BPD, three unidentified Black females and two Black males were listed as suspects in the theft.

On Jan. 4, a wallet was stolen from the parking lot of Home Depot by an unknown person, while later in the day an unidentified white man in his 40's reportedly stole computers and a camera from Best Buy.

Groceries were also stolen from Kroger on Jan. 4 by two unidentified white females and a white male driving a red SUV.

Sometime between Jan. 2 and Jan. 3 money was reported stolen from a hotel room on Brentwood Boulevard with an unidentified acquaintance of the victim listed as a suspect.

On Jan. 5 money was reportedly stolen from the register of Twice Daily on Franklin Road, with police listing an unidentified former employee as the suspect in the theft.

Lastly, on Jan. 6, a resident on Crockett Road reported that checks had been stolen from their mailbox by an unknown person.

As previously reported, an attempted armed robbery also occurred on Thursday, resulting in the shooting injury of an unidentified man. The two suspects have not been identified by police, and this was not included in the crime analysis as it occurred after the weekly report was released by BPD.  

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