Three cases of residential burglary occurred on July 20 after a suspect, who police have not publicly identified, broke into the garages of two homes on Williamsburg Circle and into the garage and office of a home on Seward Road.

Police say that the suspect stole a backpack with an iPhone and other contents.

A TAG Heuer watch was reported as missing from a closet on Childe Harolds Circle sometime between July 7 and July 16. No suspect has been named in the theft.

Lastly a Rolex watch was reported as missing from a Turner Lane home sometime between May 1 and July 5 after the resident moved and went through some home repairs.

As previously reported, on July 17 BPD officers arrested a Nashville man wanted for murder on Friday after he allegedly stole an SUV in Brentwood and led officers on a pursuit. 

On June 24 a purse, wallet and its contents were stolen from an unlocked vehicle on Macallan Drive, while a wallet was stolen from a locked vehicle on Bouchaine Pass, with police listing an unidentified male and female driving a white SUV as the suspects in the crime.

Money, a wallet and various personal items were stolen from two unlocked vehicles on Franklin Road on July 16.

On July 20 Brentwood was struck by a string of thefts from unlocked vehicles with reports from Williamsburg Circle, Country Club Drive and Seward Rd. 

Among the items stolen were purses, wallets, a garage door opener and a bag with baseball equipment. Police have not publicly identified the suspect.

Two cases of vandalism were reported including a Cadillac Drive man’s vehicle that had “liar” spray painted on it. No suspect has been named in the crime.

A screen window on Mapleton Court was also damaged in an apparent act of vandalism. No suspect has been named in the crime.

Two telephone scams were reported with both targeting money from two residents. No suspects have been named in those scams.

As previously reported, law enforcement has seen a rise in scams including a phone scam that recently saw $19,000 stolen from a resident by someone posing as a federal agent.

Several cases of shoplifting and other thefts were reported including one where police listed four unidentified Black females driving a silver GMC Yukon with temporary Tennessee tags as suspects in the shoplifting from Plato’s Closet on July 17.

An unidentified Latino male and female in the fraudulent purchase of gift cards and a Mac computer from Nike and Best Buy respectfully by way of a stolen credit card.

HP ink cartridges were stolen from Costco on July 19 and no suspects have been named. 

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