The Brentwood Police Department reported a variety of crimes in its weekly crime analysis, including the theft of a 2019 Kia Rio from Franklin Road on Nov. 8.

According to BPD, the vehicle was left running with the keys inside when an unidentified Latino man in his 20s wearing jeans, a black shirt and a blue jacket stole the vehicle.

A string of vehicle break-ins took place on Volunteer Parkway on the night of Nov. 7, resulting in a shoulder bag and two purses stolen from three separate vehicles after all three had windows broken. No suspect has been named in the theft.

On the night of Nov. 11 another vehicle's window was broken on Heritage Way in which a purse was also stolen. No suspect was named in the theft.

On the same night another vehicle's window was also broken on Concord Road, but nothing was reported missing. Police listed an unidentified person driving a silver Chevrolet Traverse as the suspect in the theft.

One vandalism incident was reported after a 2007 BMW M6 was spray-painted on the night of Nov. 11 on Post Oak Circle by an unknown person.

Several cases of general theft occurred with one unidentified person arrested on Nov. 11 after they allegedly attempted to use a $1000 bill at Publix.

A wallet was also stolen from a woman's purse while she was shopping on Creekside Crossing on the same day. No suspect has been named in the theft.

Lastly, a resident was the victim of a telephone scam that targeted gift cards on Nov. 6. No suspect has been named in the scam.

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