The Brentwood Police Department reports stolen handguns, vandalism and a serial newspaper thief in their weekly crime analysis. 

One report of residential burglary was reported on Nov. 10 on Appomatox Drive where two handguns and currency were stolen. BPD said that an acquaintance of the victim has been identified as a suspect in the theft.  

The passenger side window of a vehicle was broken on a vehicle on Concord Road on Nov. 11 resulting in the theft of a tote bag. No suspects have been identified in the theft.

Two cases of vandalism were reported, one on Nov. 2 where four unknown male juveniles and two unknown female juveniles were caught on video damaging the interior of a clubhouse on Witherspoon Drive. No arrests have been made in the incident. 

The second reported vandalism involved unknown persons who threw a rock through the rear window of a vehicle on Holly Road on Nov. 9. Nothing was taken from the vehicle and no arrests have been made.

Two indents of the theft of tools from Home Depot were reported. One incident happened on Nov. 8 and police are looking for a white man standing 6-feet tall with brown hair and bears, wearing a gray shirt, jeans and glasses.

The second incident happened on Nov. 13, and police are looking for a white man and a black man wearing dark hoodies and jeans who left in a blue Dodge Charger. 

Roofing sub-contractors are suspected in the theft of an unknown amount of silver from the attic of a home on Governors Way. The incident is believed to have happened sometime between Aug. 6 and Nov. 9, and police have made no arrests.

Prescription medications were stolen from a home on East Church Street sometime between Oct. 27 and Nov. 10, but no suspects have been identified.

Finally, multiple Sunday newspapers were reported stolen on multiple occasions from the driveway of a home  on Valle Verde Drive. 

The thefts have occurred since late September, and police have identified a tall, thin white man in his 60s driving an older model beige sedan as a suspect.

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