The Brentwood Police Department reported stolen credit cards and a string of vehicle burglaries in its weekly crime analysis.

According to the crime analysis, in the early morning hours of May 13, an iPhone was stolen from a vehicle on Rosewood Valley Drive after a vehicle’s window was broken, while another vehicle which was unlocked on the same street had a camera stolen.

The same night a wallet, backpack, sunglasses and a garage door remote were all stolen from three unlocked vehicles on Harpeth River Drive, while cash was stolen from an unlocked vehicle on Shamrock Drive.

Police have listed two unidentified people wearing black jackets and face coverings as the suspects in the May 13 burglaries.

BPD Public Information Officer Cpt. Richard Hickey said in an email that vehicle burglaries have occurred all over the city and are normal occur randomly which makes preventing such crimes a difficult task for police, but a relatively easy one for citizens to help prevent.

"The best thing citizens can do is to not leave valuables in their vehicles. Most of the time, the bad guys will look in the vehicle and if they see nothing, will move on," Hickey said.

On May 7, lawn equipment was stolen from a landscaping truck on Carrisbrook Lane, and on May 11 a purse was stolen from a vehicle on Concord Road after the vehicle’s window was broken. No suspects have been named in either of the incidents.  

On April 12, a resident’s credit card information was stolen and used to make unknown purchases out of state. No suspect has been named in the crime.

A credit card was stolen after it was left in a machine on Carothers Parkway on May 5. Police have identified a suspect in the theft. 

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