Thefts from homes, businesses and vehicles were reported in the Brentwood Police Department's weekly crime analysis.

Two reports of theft from motor vehicles were reported from unlocked vehicles. 

One incident happened on the night of Nov. 17 on Glenfiddich Trace where a backpack was stolen. The second incident happened between Nov. 14 and Nov. 19 where a computer bag and its contents was stolen from Bronwyn Court. 

Seven cases of theft were reported including a 5 x 8 utility trailer that was stolen from the driveway of a home on Devens Drive sometime between Nov. 11 and Nov. 14.

An unidentified employee has charges pending in the alleged theft of cash from Boardroom Salon on Nov. 11. 

An unidentified employee has been listed as a suspect in the alleged theft of cash from Homewood Suites on Nov. 15.

Cash was also stolen from an unlocked locker at the YMCA on Concord Road on Nov. 15. An unidentified 6 foot tall black man in his 20’s wearing a white and black jacket is listed as a suspect.

Children’s clothing was stolen from Carters on Nov. 16. Police have listed four unidentified black females wearing black clothing as suspects.

Prepaid cards were stolen from an unidentified person in a phone scam on Nov. 18. No suspects have been listed in the crime. 

A leather jacket was stolen from a home on Red Oak Drive possibly during a showing of the home. No suspects have been listed in the crime.

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