Brentwood-based life science logistics company Cryoport has been selected by a Houston-based clinical-stage biotech company to distribute COVID-19 therapies. 

Cryoport will provide the company with, what it calls, the highest priority level of shipping, continuous monitoring and a delivery management system that allows Cellenkos to deliver therapies to patients on the same day they are ordered. 

"Having three of our Cryoport companies provide flexible logistics support for the various stages of Cellenkos' COVID-19 therapy shipments demonstrates our ongoing commitment to helping clients find the best possible solutions for patients who need to be treated quickly and is a clear demonstration of the value of our integrated supply chain platform," Cryoport CEO Jerrell Shelton said in a press release.  

"We look forward to working closely with Cellenkos to support the company with our full range of temperature-controlled solutions to help patients suffering from COVID-19 recover and return to their daily lives."



Nashville-based Perception Health has landed a partnership with a Silicon Valley health tech company to provide what it bills as a robust data analytics platform. 

The partnership between Perception and Innovaccer will help detect care patterns, manage referrals and provide insights to patient health, according to a press release. Perception offers predictive analytics and data intelligence platforms that will power the California company’s referral management systems through it’s Cloud-based EHR. 

The solution will reduce patient leakage, identify opportunities for savings, and populate a longitudinal patient record, ensuring higher standards of care at significantly lower costs, company leadership believes. 

"Partnering with Innovaccer will increase the breadth and depth of providers across the nation in using advanced analytics to power the Referral Management solution," Tod Fetherling, founder and chief data scientist of Perception Health, said in the release. "Our shared vision of using data to improve patient lives is driving the innovation in the delivery of care by providers."


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