The Division II Class AA region honors for 2019 have honored a good share of Williamson County football players. 

BGA's Tony Stevens was named the MVP, while QB Nick Semptimphelter was named co-offensive MVP. 

Lipscomb Academy wideout Kyle McNamara was also named co-offensive MVP. 

BGA's Garnett Hollis was named defensive player of the year. 

CPA wideout Maverick Rodriguez was honored as Athlete of the Year. 

FRA kicker Jack Norris was named Kicker of the Year.

Below are the first team all-region honors for each school. 

BGA First Team All-Region: RB Kaleb Seay, RB/DB Briston Bennett, lineman Zion Morris, WR/CB Xavier Shaw

CPA First Team All-Region: QB Cade Law, RB Tyler Reid, TE Josh Roper, OL Jarrett Matthews, OL Sam Leonard, DB Sam Ellis, DB Andrew Whitley, LB Langston Patterson, DL George Collier, DL Bo Chance

FRA First Team All-Region: QB Sean Casey, WR Kingston Gardner, RB Jeffery Vercher, lineman Josiah Jackson, LB Jacob Jackson, lineman Kevin Donnell 

Lipscomb Academy First Team All-Region: RB Jaden Lyles, RB Jackson Harmon, DL Kobi Roy, LB Nicholas Paschall, LB Ben Pedersen

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