Senator Paul Bailey, Grand Ole Opry Executive Coordinator Dan Rogers, Producer Paul Worley, Jamie Dailey, Lt. Governor Randy McNally, Darrin Vincent, House Of Representatives member John Mark Windle, Springer Mountain Farms Chicken’s Gus Arrendale, Ben James, and songwriter Karen Staley. Photo courtesy of Dailey & Vincent.

“I’ll Leave My Heart in Tennessee” by Grand Ole Opry stars Dailey & Vincent and written by Karen Staley is now an official state song of Tennessee, per a press release. 

The song was confirmed for its honor after legislation sponsored by Sen. Paul Bailey (R-Sparta) and Rep. John Windle (D-Livingston) was signed into law by Gov. Bill Lee earlier this month.

“This song is a beautiful love letter to Tennessee and reminds me how lucky I am to live here,” said Sen. Bailey. “I can’t think of a more fitting song to represent our state.”

Group members Jamie Dailey, Darrin Vincent and Ben James were joined by Karen Staley and their producer, Paul Worley, to perform the song in both the Senate and House chambers last month.  

“When they performed the song before the House, all of the members were visibly moved,” said Rep. Windle. “It’s a beautiful tune and I’m proud we have added it to the list of songs representing this great state.”

Darren Vincent said: “We’ve played ‘I’ll Leave My Heart in Tennessee’ on the road for quite some time, and every time it’s gotten an overwhelming reaction. We recently recorded it, and we’re honored the recording has made history and become an official state song.”

“We’d especially like to thank Senator Paul Bailey and Brandy Foust, Representative John Mark Windle, Representative Terry Lynn Weaver and the entire House and Senate for their interest in and support of this song,” added Jamie Dailey.