Recently, developers held a neighborhood meeting via Zoom to discuss the potential development of the Optima Franklin, 18-acre development which could include office space, retail space, a number of multi-family residential housing units and more.

The National Healthcare Corporation owns the land and hopes to develop the project at the intersection of Cool Springs Boulevard and West McEwen Drive along with Flornoy Development Group. It would be close to its current property, NHC Place at 211 Cool Springs Blvd. in Franklin.

Landscape architect Scotty Bernick of Reagan Smith and Associates gave about a 30-minute presentation detailing plans for the site during the meeting.

Bernick explained that currently, the site is zoned for regional commerce and the applicants would like to have it zoned as a planned district. It would allow for the building of various types of development on the site.

This would include the 14,000 square feet of office space, 3,700 square feet for a bank, 6,000 square feet of retail space and a building of about 348 units and four stories of multi-family residential housing.

He also went into some detail about the importance of greenspace and sidewalks, and the interior connected roads on the site. He also said the site could help families of people in the current NHC facility stay close to their family members receiving treatment during rehabilitation.

“There’s some excitement to have some multi-family use adjacent to the NHC facility,” Bernick said in the presentation. “There are some logical thoughts on how residents and families can age in place, and equally have family that could be near a loved one while they are in the facility. At the same time, it’s exciting to support the commercial components that are within this development.”

The presentation also included that the project would be split into three phases. The first would begin in the middle of next year and would primarily include the commercial and multi-use family residential buildings, as well as a lot of the connecting roads to the current NHC entrance, the intersection of the site, utility improvements and greenspace. Start dates on the other two phases are to be determined. The bank and some other commercial uses would be in those phases. 

After the official proposal, which was sent to the City of Franklin last week, it will go in front of the Franklin Municipal Planning Commission on July 28, with the potential first reading of the proposal by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen Aug. 23. Its second reading and public hearing are tentatively scheduled for Sept. 27.

No residents asked or submitted questions at the meeting.

A recording of the meeting can be found on the city of Franklin’s YouTube channel.