Todd Vasos 

Dollar General CEO Todd Vasos this week took some of his chips off the table, booking a profit of nearly $25 million by exercising almost 200,000 stock options and then selling that number of the retail giant’s shares, which have risen nearly 50 percent since the March market low.

Vasos, who has led Goodlettsville-based Dollar General since mid-2015 and was its chief merchandising officer before that, on Tuesday and Wednesday exercised 198,000 options for $76 apiece and then sold that many shares for about $200 each. The transactions generated a profit of $24.6 million and came nearly three months after Vasos booked a gain of about $20 million on a similar move. The 58-year-old Vasos still owns more than $27 million worth of Dollar General stock.

Two other Dollar General executives have in recent days also booked some profits on the stock’s run. CFO John Garratt on Tuesday sold more than 8,700 of his shares — some 40 percent of his total holdings — for nearly $1.8 million. And Chief Information Officer Carman Wenkoff late last week exercised 9,570 options and then sold that many shares for a gain of just under $1.2 million.

The transactions by Vasos, Garratt and Wenkoff came shortly after Dollar General reported strong second-quarter results that included same-store sales growth of nearly 19 percent. Since then, shares of Dollar General (Ticker: DG) have slipped about 5 percent; they were changing hands around $194.40 midday Friday.

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This post originally appeared in our partner publication, the Nashville Post

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