The Tennessee Titans currently have nine picks in the 2021 NFL Draft, including four selections in the top 100.

But if you ask Titans’ General Manager Jon Robinson, he wouldn’t mind having a few more picks, even if that meant trading back from pick No. 22 to beef up the team’s draft haul.

“[I] wish I had more than four, but that’s what we’ve got,” Robinson said. “We’ll see what we can make out of that. Can we turn four into five, or maybe six? I think I’ve got some calls to put in this week around the league with other GMs just to kind of gauge their willingness to move around Thursday night and Friday night. 

“We’ll see how those calls go this week. I think everybody kind of knows that we’re willing to kind of shuffle around. We have historically been a team that doesn’t mind shuffling around pick-wise.”

The Titans are a franchise that doesn’t shy away from draft-day trades. Of the team’s 35 draft picks since Robinson took over in 2016, fewer than half of them (15) were Tennessee’s original selections. The other 20 picks were acquired via some form of trade.

Of those 35 drafted players, only 15 are still on the Titans’ roster, with nine coming from the last two draft classes. Seven of those players became starters and were taken in the first 100 picks (Fulton could become the eighth this season). 

Trading down and stockpiling more selections could be the most appealing avenue for Robinson and the Titans, who have may positions of need to address including wide receiver, cornerback, offensive tackle, edge rusher and tight end.

“That’s something that we’ll certainly talk about if that presents itself, and it allows us to look at the board and there’s still players that we think we can get three, four, five, six picks back and pick up an extra pick, we’d certainly entertain that,” Robinson continued. “You don’t want to trade back just to trade back. There’s got to be kind of a ‘What’s the return on that move, and can you still get a player that you want and maybe pick up a pick in doing so?”

With five quarterbacks projected to go in the first round, the Titans could benefit from other teams wanting to move up and grab a player whose draft stock unexpectedly dropped.

Teams that are reported to have interest in trading up include the Cleveland Browns at No. 26 (for a linebacker), the Green Bay Packers at No. 29 (for a receiver) and the Buffalo Bills at No. 30 (for an edge rusher).

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