Face mask on a grey background N95

Beginning next week, every American will be eligible to receive three free N95 masks from the federal government.

The national rollout of some 400 million masks was announced by the White House on Wednesday and comes on the heels of the free distribution of at-home COVID-19 testing kits, which began on Tuesday.

According to reporting by CNN, the masks were collected as part of the US' Strategic National Stockpile, which was boosted to 750 million masks that were collected and stored. 

The Hill reported that deliveries of the non-surgical masks to pharmacies and community health centers across the nation will begin this week, with masks expected to become available in some areas as early as next week.

The public health initiative to continue to combat the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is expect to be “fully up and running” early next month, although it’s unclear when the free masks will be available in the Middle Tennessee region.