Our shortlist for the Home Page's top honor for girls and boys basketball players have been revealed. 

The 2019 WillCo Basketball Player of the Year for girls and boys basketball has its finalists, 12 in each category. 

Our finalists for the 2019-20 WillCo Girls Basketball Player of the Year: 

  • Carrington Washburn, CPA
  • Emily Trushel, Brentwood
  • Delaney Trushel, Brentwood
  • Amelia Osgood, Brentwood
  • Grace Baird, Nolensville
  • Lexi Erickson, Ravenwood
  • Maggie Brown, BA
  • Anna Smith, GCA
  • Zharia Hutchinson, FRA
  • Sheraton Foster, Centennial
  • Lili Wilken, Page
  • Kate O’Neil, Franklin

Our finalists for 2019-20 WillCo Boys Basketball Player of the Year: 

  • John Windley, Brentwood
  • Rex Gainer, Ravenwood
  • Reed Kemp, Franklin
  • Braden Zapp, CPA
  • Truman Christie-Mizell, CIA
  • Mason McKnatt, GCA
  • Garnett Hollis, Jr., BGA
  • Tre Carlton, Summit
  • Nathan Foutch, Nolensville
  • Bill Eads, Fairview
  • Mason Allen, Page
  • Hrishi Salitri, Independence

The girls winners and superlatives for the All-WillCo team will be announced Wednesday, March 4, while the boys winners and superlatives will be announced Friday, March 6.

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