We'll have at least one Williamson County area team representing the area come Cookeville time. 

The Christ Presbyterian Academy Lions and Lipscomb Academy Mustangs will once again meet this season to determine far more than a win. 

The victor here will travel to Tennessee Tech to play in the D-II AA state finals game here in roughly two weeks. 

CPA's resurgence has been a night-and-day contrast. In early September, the team looked like it was in for a bit of a reset after losing so much talent on its undefeated 2018 state title team. 

In late October, it looked like the new Lions in the den were acclimating just fine as the team was going for an undefeated region mark and home field advantage in the playoffs. 

Ingle Martin's work to get his Lions back in playoff contention after an 0-4 start and pushing for state with a total 4-6 record is highly commendable. 

His team's effort to shake off its early goings and play like a team that might just win a second-straight state title is just not something you see very often from high school football players. 

CPA has a lot to be proud of, regardless of how Friday night goes. 

Lipscomb Academy, on the other hand, is an improbable success story of its own. 

The Mustangs have been the talk of local preps since last winter and the hire of former NFL quarterback and television analyst Trent Dilfer as its head coach. 

It was an out-of-nowhere move that shook up the preps scene here in town. There was no question Dilfer would get Lipscomb Academy's program some attention. Would that translate into wins? 

The team's up-and-down regular season was about what you'd expect. They struggled in region play but won enough games to get to an even 5-5 on the season. 

Dilfer and his coaching staff have done a really nice job to rebuild the Mustangs in an offseason and implement their team culture, and it would've been more than admirable for the team to take its 2019 season and build on it for the future. 

But in the last two weeks, they've become ironclad road warriors, beating two hosting playoff opponents to return to Nashville as major spoilers for CPA's return to state. 

CPA got the best of Lipscomb in the regular season pretty soundly, but these Mustangs do not feel like even the ones we saw close the year with BGA.

Jaden Lyles is becoming a weekly terror in the run game, and Kyle McNamara is a highlight reel waiting to happen at wideout. 

Quarterback Luther Richesson is growing into his own and seems to be improving every week. 

CPA's QB Cade Law has had his own mini-renaissance since late September, and his top offensive play makers like WR Maverick Rodriguez and RB Andrew Whitley leave a lot for defenses to have to figure out. 

CPA is better now than when they played Lipscomb earlier this season, but so are the Mustangs. This game feels shrouded in mystery and has major ramifications for the future, of course. 

One of these teams are going to state. 

Will it be the regulars in CPA or the upstart Dilfer-led Lipscomb Academy?