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The 2019 Williamson County football regular season comes to a close this Friday. 

It won't be the end of gridiron glories with playoffs ramping up next week, but it will signal an end to some teams' seasons. 

We know programs like Brentwood, Ravenwood, Nolensville, Independence, Brentwood Academy, Page, Summit and Fairview will be moving on after strong seasons. 

Teams like Franklin and Christ Presbyterian Academy rallied to save their seasons after tough starts as well. 

Some teams will have to pack things in after a tough year, but they'll have plenty to build on for the future. 

We'll see how all of these games go when Friday kicks off. Ravenwood and Independence will contend for second in the region Friday, but more on that in our Game of the Week piece coming later this week. 

Brentwood, Centennial to meet 

Even though Brentwood has already sewn up a region title repeat, they'll meet Centennial once again to close the season. 

The Cougars gave Brentwood plenty to wrestle with last year, leaving the Bruins capping that game with an electric finish. Don't look at the record for Centennial, or at the fact that they're a long shot to make it to football next week. 

Matt Kriesky consistently field a contending team in a hard region, and his teams never fade away. It's likely a coin flip finish in the Battle of Franklin separating them and Franklin, the likely taker of that fourth and final playoff spot. 

The Cougars are a hard out for any team in WillCo, so Brentwood will still have some iron to sharpen its iron when Friday football gets going. 

FRA, CPA meet to hammer out region standings 

It wasn't long ago that the Christ Presbyterian Lions were without a win. 

But the team has rebounded from an 0-4 start to have three of its wins to come against region opponents. 

Sitting at 3-0 in your region, hypothetically atop of it, and still having a 3-6 record, is quite a feat. But for CPA, the region wins are all that matters. 

They face their biggest region test yet, though, in a 7-2 FRA team that just took its second loss last Friday to South Gibson. 

FRA has lost to Lipscomb Academy, but other than that, they're perfect in region play with wins against Goodpasture and BGA.

If CPA wins Friday, they go 4-0 in the region, a phenomenal turnaround for head coach Ingle Martin and his Lions. 

If FRA wins it, it's their region to take. 

We'll see how this one plays out at FRA Friday. 

Franklin a win away from playoff return 

Franklin is riding high right now, a win away from a return to November football. 

The team's change of making Guy Lipscomb its offensive focus and giving Joshua Nichols his QB job back saved the season, with Lipscomb flourishing and Nichols has settled the passing game. 

They play Dickson Co. Friday at home and have a strong chance of getting that win and making it to the playoffs organically. 

The dominoes are stacked in their favor regardless. 

BGA visits Lipscomb 

Another marquee game this week is the first-year coach battle between Lipscomb's Trent Dilfer and BGA's Jonas Rodriguez. 

Both coaches have had highs and lows in their first years at the helm, and this coming Friday means a lot to both evolving programs. 

A Mustangs win gives Dilfer a winning season in his first at-bat, and a Wildcats win gives BGA a 6-4 record to take into the playoffs with tons of veteran talent in tow.

We'll see how this shakes out at Lipscomb this week. 

Brentwood Academy faces 8-1 Baylor outfit 

Brentwood Academy has its toughest road yet to make it to the state game. 

The team is a respectable 6-3, but so are Ensworth and Knox Catholic. McCallie sits atop the standings at 8-1 and 4-0 in the region and Baylor is not far behind them at 8-1 and 3-1 in the region. 

BA gets Baylor at home this week and has a chance to get battle-tested for the rest of what their playoff journey will bring if they want a fifth-straight title. 

Nolensville decides region title at Marshall Co. 

It's well-documented that the rivalry between Nolensville and Marshall Co. is fierce, and it'll be what decides their region in football this week. 

The 8-1 Knights head to the Tigers' place with hopes of going 9-1 and winning the region, but Marshall Co. could take it if they best the visitors. 

The Knights have one of the best shots in the county at Cookeville, so we'll see how all of those dominoes fall next month. 

But for now, Nolensville wants the region title. We'll see if they get it this week. 

The rest of the slate...Page hosts Franklin Co....Fairview hosts Stewart Co....GCA hosts Grace Baptist...Summit goes to Lincoln Co....Spring Hill goes to Lawrence Co. 

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