Softball has taken Libby Sugg to another country in Europe.

The former Franklin star is playing in the Netherlands this year, one season after a stint in Italy.

She also played for a Slovakian team in a tournament last year.

“Honestly, it’s kind of a dream,” Sugg said. “I never thought that softball would be able to take me literally around the world, but it’s really cool. Europe is a special place.”

The former Brigham Young catcher has also visited Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic. She plans to visit France soon.

Sugg, 25, is playing for Neptunus Dames 1. She’s hitting .423 with 24 RBI and four home runs.

Sugg was in the Netherlands for 60 days for the regular season before returning to Franklin for a break.

She will return soon for 30 days for the playoffs.

“This is the first year that (Neptunus) is in the upper league,” Sugg said. “We’re doing really well. We’re beating a lot of teams that were expected to win it.”

There were only two Americans on Neptunus during the regular season.

Soccer, field hockey, paddleball and baseball are popular in the Netherlands.

“It’s a super small country and it’s super-Americanized, actually, so everyone speaks English,” Sugg said. “They even use slang and terminology. Dutch is a hard language.”

Sugg lives in Rotterdam, a 45-minute drive from Amsterdam.

“It only takes two or three hours to get from one side of the country to the other, top to bottom, which is crazy because you couldn’t even get through Tennessee in two hours,” Sugg said. “They have a lot of windmills and a lot of good cheese and chocolate. They have stroopwafel, which is the best thing, a very good dessert. I love it.”  

Sugg made it to the semifinals of the playoffs with Castelfranco in Italy last season.

She helped Apollo Bratislava Slovakia finish 10th at the European Softball Cup last year.

“That was the highest they’ve ever gotten,’ Sugg said. “They are usually one of the lower teams in the tournament.”