Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson

Less than a month after he had retired from the Williamson County Board of Education, Gary Anderson is back with Williamson County Schools as the district’s new executive director of COVID Response.

WCS made the announcement Wednesday through its InFocus newsletter. Anderson will start his new job Monday. It is a temporary classified position through this school year.

Anderson, who retired from the school board in August after representing District 5 for 30 years and serving as board chairman for 12 years, had worked for Murfreesboro City Schools since 2002. He most recently was assistant superintendent of Administration and Support Services and has also worked overseeing finance, technology, nursing, coordinated school health, maintenance, energy efficiency/safety services and more.

"Gary has a breadth of school operations knowledge that is probably unmatched, and I am excited that he’s bringing that to WCS in this new role," WCS Superintendent Jason Golden said through InFocus. "He knows our county, our school district and our staff, and his guidance will be an important asset as we move forward."

Anderson will take the lead when working with and coordinating responses with multiple county and state agencies. He will supervise the Health Services and Safety and Security departments as well. Anderson says he is looking forward to this new challenge.

“I’ve always believed that WCS was the best school district in the state with staff members that go above and beyond,” Anderson said. “But the pandemic has brought about an entirely new education world filled with multiple unknowns, and this has more than doubled the workload of most WCS departments. 

“As our district continues to adapt to this ever-changing landscape, I look forward to sharing my expertise to support staff members in navigating through this unprecedented time.”

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