Fourth Capital Downtown Franklin

Fourth Capital announced plans today for its newest branch in the Historic Downtown of the City of Franklin, per a press release. 

A prominent community bank in Middle Tennessee since 2004, Fourth Capital is establishing its second Williamson County locale at 302 Public Square, which also marks its fourth location in the region.

“We’ve set out to bridge the gap between big bank technology and local bank personality,” said Brian Heinrichs, president and CEO of Fourth Capital. “We aim to offer the best of what local banking can be: sophisticated, welcoming and creative. We’re thrilled to expand our presence in downtown Franklin and look forward to serving more and more throughout Williamson County.”

The imminent, downtown branch will concentrate its services on fostering close relationships with clientele in the county, per the release. The future office is slated to open in late June or early July 2022.

Fourth Capital was locally established as a privately-owned community bank serving Music City but expanded its mission to the Greater Nashville area. The full-service community bank combines contemporary fintech with high-touch customer service, per the release.

Headquartered in the historic Rolling Mill Hill neighborhood — specifically 10 Lea Avenue, suite 100 at Peabody Plaza — the bank has branches at 4007 Hillsboro Pike in Nashville and 9000 Carothers Parkway in Franklin.

According to a release, the bank’s name — albeit serendipitous for its fourth opening and the year in which it was founded — is meant to pay homage to Nashville history, particularly the fact that Nashville is the fourth city to become the capital city of Tennessee, which became official in 1826.

Prior to 1826, the capital had been Murfreesboro since 1818, Knoxville in 1817 and Kingston in 1807 — the latter only for one day to satisfy an agreement with the Cherokee nation that their land, if ceded, would become the state capital.

Nashville also had been the capital for the first time from 1812 through 1816 prior to Knoxville.