Police car

A Franklin Police officer was assaulted Wednesday in a traffic stop, per a press release. 

Shortly after midnight, Wednesday, an officer on patrol spotted a vehicle blocking the road at Baker’s Bridge at Carothers in Cool Springs. The driver, 38-year-old Nikolas Sowden, had fallen asleep at the wheel. Officers determined that he was impaired, and arrested him.

Sowden’s passenger, 31-year-old Eion Graham, was also impaired. After reportedly becoming belligerent with officers who were attempting to arrest the driver, Graham himself was arrested.

During the ordeal, FPD say Sowden attacked the officer, telling him, “I’m gonna [explicative] you up,” before struggling with the officer and then kicking the officer in the head. The officer was not seriously hurt during the altercation. 

Sowden, charged with DUI, obstructing traffic, resisting arrest and assault on a first responder, remains jailed on the $5,000 bond that was set by the Magistrate.

Graham, charged with public intoxication, remains behind bars on a $1,000 bond. Both are due in court on July 7.