When Laura Hood participates in her first Franklin Art Scene Friday night at Franklin First United Methodist Church’s historic sanctuary on Fifth Avenue, she’ll be fueling a couple of her passions.

First of all, after contemplating the idea to actually sell what she has created for the past decade or so, she’ll be taking her first step to making that a reality. Hood works full-time as an interior designer for STG Design, but she wants to do more with her “side projects” of paintings and other artwork she has created primarily through inspirations from nature.

“I’ve always been a painter and an artist,” said Hood, a Franklin native who graduated from Page High School and went on to get a degree in interior design in 2011 at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. “But I’ve always had a dream of selling it on the side. I decided this year that I was going to make it a reality.

“Probably for the last 10 years I’ve been curious about other people that continuously sell their work, and I want that for myself. So when 2020 hit, I decided to go full steam and make it happen and stop dreaming about it.”

She’s not in it strictly for the money, however, and that’s where Hood’s other passion comes into play. Whatever proceeds she brings in from her paintings at Friday’s Art Scene will go toward Poverty and the Arts (POVA), a Nashville nonprofit that provides people impacted by homelessness with access to creative resources and an artistic platform.

Hood is a newcomer to POVA’s board of directors, having connected with the group’s founder and executive director, Nicole Brandt Minyard, at a seminar in November. Hood said the issue of homelessness has always tugged at her heartstring, and using her art to help seemed an ideal fit.

“This is a way that I hope to connect with them, because painting for me is a way to alleviate stress and is a relaxing exercise,” Hood explained. “I hope to be able to help monetarily with that, to give these people that gift, to give them canvases, paintbrushes and other supplies. 

“For now, I can donate money from the sale of my art, and in the future maybe teach a class or take an art class with them. I hope to be able to develop that relationship and to be able to connect one on one with fellow artists.”

Passport Program continues

Meanwhile, Friday’s Art Scene will include the return of the Passport Program, which kicked off in January. More than a dozen sites in downtown Franklin will be hosting artists.

Art Scene Feb 2020

The Passport Program invites guests to grab a passport at any of the sites and have it stamped along the way while touring the arts. Visitors with eight or more site visit stamps will be entered in a drawing for a $75 gift card to McCreary’s Pub and two movie tickets to the Franklin Theatre.

Participating Passport Program sites include; Franklin First United Methodist Church, Firstlight Art Academy/St. Philip Catholic Church, Franklin Road Apparel, Historic Franklin Presbyterian, Hope Church, Imaginebox Emporium, Rare Prints Gallery, Sage Sleep, Savory Spice Shop, Tin Cottage, Twine Graphics, Visitor Center and Williamson County Archives.

In addition to Hood, other featured artists and locations in the February Art Scene include:

  • Franklin Road Apparel, located at 508 W Mains St., will feature painter Lynette Wright, whose rich venetian textures, metallics and other plasters give her pieces a one-of-a-kind look. Musician and worship artist Jacob Stillman will be the featured entertainment.
  • Hester & Cook, located at 340 A Main St., will exhibit the work of watercolor artist Wendy Latimer,who loves to paint from nature, life experiences and to capture special moments in time
  • Historic Presbyterian Church,located at Fifth and Main Street, will host oil painter and face painter Dan Klepper as well as the work of eight of his students.
  • Hope Church, located at 137 Fourth Ave. S., will display the work of artist David La Rosa, whose intention is to contribute to the healing of the human race via inspirational manifestations of the true nature of reality. There will also be live music and an interactive community string project.
  • Imaginebox Emporium, located at 311 N. Margin St., will showcase the original illustrations of Cory Basil as well as his other creations using mediums such as watercolor, oil and gauche.
  • Sage Sleep, located at 434 Main St., will feature artist Carol Moon, who believes that art is a place of growing and learning, acceptance and discovery.
  • St. Philip Catholic Church/ First Light Art Academy,located at113 Second Ave. S., will showcase the work of their adult students, with artwork big and small. Artists Marianne Reeves, Erin Cornay, Matt Jenkins, Lana Boursoulian, Denise Adams and many more are showcasing drawings, acrylic and oil paintings, and mixed media pieces.
  • Twine,located at 304 Public Square, will host Murfreesboro acrylic artist John Smith.
  • Visit Franklin, located at400 Main St., #200, will host artist Kristina Fox, whose woven pieces are created with the idea that our lives are comprised of many gifts, experiences, triumphs and supposed failures, but the end result is a beautiful tapestry.
  • Williamson County Archives,located at 611 West Main St., will feature artist Anna Holihan, who loves to paint landscapes that tell a story.

 The Art Scene trolley is also available for free rides throughout the event. For more information on the Franklin Art Scene, a full list of artists and a map of all featured locations, visit www.franklinartscene.org.

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