There was a much awaited battle that took place between the Franklin Lady Admirals (9-1-1) and Ravenwood Lady Raptors (3-1-2) girls soccer teams at Franklin High school with a lot of implications for the district.

Ravenwood came into the game with only five games played while Franklin has played 10 so far. Franklin would come up with a 2-1 victory. 

Franklin got off to a hot start early in the game with an array of shots at the Ravenwood goal. Then came a corner kick for the Lady Admirals. Little did they know, it would be a big one.

Avery Brown stepped up to the spot and the sent the ball into the area. Much to her surprise, the ball managed to curl into the goal to give the Lady Admirals an early 1-0 lead in the sixth minute.

Franklin coach Mike Burgoyne discussed the hot start his team had.

“We’ve actually had some slow starts and some lack of focus at the beginning of games.” Burgoyne said. “We really focused on defending corners since we knew that Ravenwood had been so good, and then we went ahead and scored two goals off corners.”

Regardless of the slow start that Ravenwood got off to early, the Lady Raptors didn’t go down easily. It only took four more minutes for the Raptors to equalize from a goal from Marcela Ferrero-Pretto, making it 1-1 in the 10th minute.

After the dust settled from the fast start by both teams, there was a great battle between both goalkeepers as Matty Taylor for Franklin and Kendall Curran for Ravenwood would not let anything get past.

Ravenwood coach Jessica Mancini shared her thoughts on her goalie’s performance in the game.

“Coming into big games as a goalkeeper is always nerve racking, but she stepped us for us," said Mancini. “Her hands got stronger throughout the game, she got more and more confident throughout the game. That first one was definitely unlucky, but she bounced back and performed well for us.”

Unfortunately for those spectating, the goalie battle had to come to an end.

Ravenwood couldn’t get past their troubles on the corner as Franklin got another chance on a corner kick from Avery Brown in the 30th minute.

This time it didn’t curl in as the Lady Admirals played the ball short and they took advantage of a great save from Curran that wasn’t able to cleared in time for Anna DeFranco to strike it home as the Lady Admirals went into halftime with a 2-1 lead. 

After a disappointing end to the first half, Ravenwood didn’t come into the second half with their heads down, rattling off some quick shots that couldn’t seem to find the target.

The second half would be very tightly contested as Ravenwood looked for a tying goal and Franklin tried to put the game away. Neither would happen as Franklin held on for the win.

“Ravenwood’s a good side and good team," said Burgoyne. “I thought our girls came out really quick and focused. We were worried because we know that our chances would be not as many as we’ve had in past games with other teams outside of district. It was just a complete game, I was proud of the girls and how they competed.”

Mancini shared how proud she was of her team and the way that they battled tonight.

“I’m so proud of my girls.” Said Mancini. “They worked really, really hard in that second half battling the whole time, trying to keep the ball and get forward. We knew that Franklin was gonna be a tough side, every time we play them they’re going to be tough. We did a lot of great things and we’re gonna build on those things and hopefully next time when we see them it’ll be a different result.”

Franklin will be playing another district game next week against Independence away from home, while Ravenwood’s next game is Centennial as the Lady Raptors return home.

“I tell them every time, we don’t know if we’re gonna play Independence next week," said Burgoyne. “You don’t know with COVID. It just one of those deals where every game, every practice we get we’re just happy to be together as a group.”

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