The Friends of the Brentwood Library were joined by community and government leaders on Thursday evening for the dedication of a bench in the honor of longtime FOBL member Mary Lou Montague who died in 2017. 

The bench sits on a path between the John P. Holt Brentwood Library and Concord Park, bearing an engraved plate that reads, “In Loving Memory of Mary Lou Montague Library Volunteer Extraordinaire.”

Members of the Happy Endings Book Club were some of the nearly 50 people in attendance, describing Montague as their “fearless leader” and competing in conversation to describe their friend who connected to them all through their love of reading.

“This captures her beautiful spirit,” Myrna Teague said. “She has a beautiful spirit that just permeated everywhere she was.”

“She was just so joyful and enthusiastic about everything,” Pat Hardin added.

FOBL President Kathy Dooley-Smith addressed the crowd and described Montague as a trailblazer who began selling books on Amazon long before it was a popular decision, a choice that has since become a major fundraising tool for FOBL, raising $27,000 for FOBL last year.

“We love our library. This library is the heart of our community and nobody exemplified Friends [of the Brentwood Library] better than Mary Lou,” Dooley-Smith said. “This is definitely a partnership among the Friends [of the Brentwood Library,] the book club, the quilting club, the bunco group, so thank you so much for donating and thank you to the City of Brentwood who were all on board for this bench.”

Montague’s family was also in attendance including her son Jim Montague who addressed the crowd saying that his mother’s first passion was teaching followed by her time a librarian where she loved inspiring others to love reading.

“She wanted everyone to share in the love of books,” Jim Montague said. “She absolutely loved it and she was proud of Brentwood and the Brentwood Library and she was very proud of these ladies who just always showed up.”

More information about the Friends of the Brentwood Library can be found here.

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