Eleven of the 25 voting centers in Williamson County had counts of more than 100 voters as Election Day moved along Thursday morning.

As of around 9:30 a.m., the John P. Holt Library in Brentwood led with 267 voters casting ballots, followed by Grassland Middle with 199, Church of the City (182), Longview Recreation Center (159) and the Nolensville Recreation Center (132). 

A long line seemed to suddenly form around mid-morning at Church of the City, where several campaigners had pitched tents and gathered for the day.

“It’s been pretty steady throughout the day, but it has picked up quite a bit just recently,” said Kevin Goughary, election official for the site.

Election Aug. 22 4

Mayor Ken Moore and his wife, Linda Moore

That was pretty much the case at the Williamson County Enrichment Center as well, according to its election official, Laverne Sweeney.

“It was steady earlier, but now we have a line going,” she said. “We’re starting to get excited. We were afraid we were going to get bored.”

The ballot for Thursday’s election is rather lengthy, so it’s taking voters a little more time than usual to vote.

“They’re going in [the voting booth], but they’re not coming out,” Sweeney jokingly said.

For Thursday’s election, county offices on the ballot consist of circuit court judge, general sessions judge, juvenile court judge, district attorney general, public defender, county mayor, county commission, county trustee, sheriff, circuit court clerk, juvenile court clerk, county clerk, register of deeds and school board for both Williamson County Schools and Franklin Special School District.

The state primary will have voters choosing candidates for governor, U.S. House of Representatives, state Senate, state House of Representatives and state executive committee. Fairview residents will also vote for municipal judge and court clerk. 

Election Aug. 22 7

Campaigning at Church of the City

Dan Cash, seeking to hold his seat in District 2, and his opponent, Tiffany Eccles, had both set up to campaign at Legacy Middle School Thursday morning.

“I’m glad it’s finally Election Day, and we can soon get back to business,” Cash said.

Eccles said it’s been a busy but enjoyable campaign.

“I’m all over the place,” she said. “Either way, I’m happy with the campaign I ran.”

Early voting turnout that ended Saturday was at 10.3 percent of registered voters. Voting sites stay open Thursday until 7 p.m. Click here to see a list of the 25 vote centers across Williamson County.