Horse stalls at Factory

Dr. Monty McInturff loads pallets that were removed from the Factory at Franklin, along with scores of horse stalls. 

The Factory at Franklin was particularly noisy Thursday morning as workers were disassembling scores and scores of horse stalls that had been installed for the purpose of dividing space within what had been a mini-mall of sorts.

The stalls were taken apart and loaded on flatbed trailers to be taken for storage and to be later used for something more akin to their intended purpose. That is, through a donation from the new owner of the Factory, Holladay Properties, the large, solidly built stalls will be used at the planned Harlinsdale Farm horse museum.

“We’re excited to be building or reinforcing that relationship with the community and our neighbors,” said Carris Campbell, Factory historian and staff person with Holladay Properties. “We’re glad to embrace our tradition of reuse by giving these stalls new life at Harlinsdale, and we’re glad they’re going to be able to show off their history and deepen the historic enrichment of the area. It builds up our sense of expanding our history and knowledge of it, and this was a perfect fit that came from our neighbor right across the street.”

It was, indeed, more of a neighborly act than a business deal that opened the door for Harlinsdale to acquire the horse stalls. After Holladay bought the Factory and later began remodeling the historic building and campus, officials from Friends of Franklin Parks invited the new owners for a tour of Harlinsdale. 

The neighbors began talking, and one thing led to another as a decision was made by Holladay officials to donate the horse stalls that had been originally installed about three or four years ago inside what was known as Makers Market inside the Factory.

“We are overwhelmed with this donation,” said Torrey Barnhill, executive director of Friends of Franklin Parks. “This is very significant. The quality of these stalls is top of the line. The generosity of the Holladay group to be partnering with us is great.”

The stalls and pallets will be stored inside the barns at the Tennessee Equine Hospital, which is headed by Dr. Monty McInturff, longtime friend of Harlinsdale and a Friends of Franklin Parks board member.