Ants build a house with ladder, teamwork concept

Spring is here and we are experiencing the season very differently this year, mainly from the inside of our homes.

While you are at home, you may have noticed the spring rain and warmer temperatures have encouraged a variety of small creatures to visit and attempt to share your living space!

Some common pests that may have already made an appearance include ants, silverfish, spiders and wasps. As the weather gets even warmer the fleas, ticks and mosquitoes are sure to follow. So, what can you do about these unwelcomed guests?

Many people have taken on extra cleaning and maintenance tasks around the house to pass the time without thinking about it being one of the best ways to get a head start on some DIY pest control. You may be decluttering, cleaning and reorganizing items in rooms and spaces in which you normally don’t spend much time. You may also be taking some extra time with routine cleaning tasks to provide your family a safer, more germ-free space. 

As you move through your home, consider giving some extra attention to certain areas to keep pests from becoming too comfortable. The kitchen has a way of attracting all sorts of pests, mainly ants because like you, they enjoy a nice food and water supply!  Keep food sealed in airtight containers or zipper bags if possible and counters free of crumbs, spills and open food containers. If you have pets, pay special attention to any bits missed after mealtime and keep bowls clean. Keeping all floors swept, vacuumed or mopped regularly will decrease possible food supplies for hungry pests.

Closets, attics, basements or other storage areas can all provide good hiding places for pests because there are many dark corners and undisturbed hiding places that you may not access on a regular basis. Consider storage containers made of plastic with tight-fitting lids rather than cardboard boxes which are not airtight or water resistant. When cardboard boxes become damp they can attract pests quickly. Bathrooms can also provide dark, moist environments in which pests can flourish. Look for cracks that may need to be caulked as these creatures can make their way into your home through the smallest of spaces!  Check under sinks and around tubs and toilets for any standing water. Fix any leaks to eliminate the fresh water source pests need to thrive.

After a thorough cleaning on the inside, take a walk around the outside of your home.  Clean up debris such as leaf litter or other brush that may be close to your home, move any piles of wood away from your home’s foundation to avoid possible termite issues and check for any cracks or openings especially around doors and windows that need fresh caulk.  Pay attention to any standing water sources since as the days and evenings get warmer these areas can become good breeding locations for mosquitoes.

Taking these few simple steps now when you have some extra time to spend on home maintenance may go a long way in battling springtime pests and save you some money before they become a problem that will require the use of chemicals or having to call a professional exterminator!

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