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HCA Healthcare has landed a multi-year partnership with Google Cloud to develop new analytical capabilities for its clinical and operational teams. 

Google Cloud will use data from HCA Healthcare’s 32 million annual patient encounters across 47,000 physicians to build out a data platform that will add an extra layer of intelligence to the hospital giant’s patient care and back-end efficiencies. All patient records will be de-identified and compliant with HIPPA guidelines prior to being released to Google data scientists, HCA Chief Medical Officer Jonathon Perlin told the Wall Street Journal

A part of the Nashville-based company’s “digital transformation,” HCA has already deployed 90,000 mobile devices that offer electronic health record optimization and clinical communication software. Through the partnership, HCA and Google are seeking to develop prescriptive algorithm tools to be loaded on mobile devices that alert clinical teams of changes in a patient’s condition and help decide care plans.

HCA will also use the analytics platform to improve workflows in supply chain, human resources and physical plant operations, among others, according to a press release.  

“Next-generation care demands data science-informed decision support so we can more sharply focus on safe, efficient and effective patient care,” Sam Hazen, chief executive officer of HCA Healthcare, said in the release. “We view partnerships with leading organizations, like Google Cloud, that share our passion for innovation and continual improvement as foundational to our efforts.”

The announcement comes a year after HCA and Google Cloud first partnered to offer an open data platform to share insights about the COVID-19 pandemic within its 185-hospital network. 

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