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In a continuing mission to preserve the places and stories of the community, the Heritage Foundation of Williamson County is launching an online journal and time capsule that will help capture, preserve and archive the details of life during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. 

The Foundation is calling to the community to be part of making history during this unprecedented global pandemic and share their stories for future generations.

Have photos of you and your family wearing homemade surgical masks? How about a story you’ve written down just to preserve the minute details of how life is different right now? Thoughts about suddenly becoming a homeschool teacher while also working a full-time job from a makeshift home office? These are the stories the Heritage Foundation wants to capture and preserve.

“Right now, this might seem like a time in history we’d all like to forget,” said Blake Wintory, Ph.D., and preservationist at the Heritage Foundation. “But for generations to come, the details of life during this time period will be important details that will matter long after we’re all gone. That’s why we are seeking to build a collection of everyday drawings, images, videos and stories of how Williamson County residents are living right now.”

The Heritage Foundation has created a virtual/online resource to help you share your stories, photographs, videos and/or any other item(s) you wish to share so future generations may better understand what this experience was like for all Williamson Countians.

“Every item we have in our entire preservation collection over the past 53 years tells a story,” said Bari Beasley, Heritage Foundation CEO. “Stories allow us to hear the voices and see the people from our past who lived through wide-ranging moments of the human experience including love, loss and life. Through the items in our collection, we gain an understanding of their trials as well as their triumphs, their joys and their sorrows. 

“And yes, we can even understand the mundane moments of everyday life. This is what we hope to collect and preserve in our online time capsule during this unprecedented time in history living through a global pandemic.”

To contribute to the COVID-19 online time capsule and have your stories preserved and archived for future generations, visit https://williamsonheritage.org/pandemictimecapsule. Complete a short form giving permission to share your contributions and upload your images and videos to be a part of making history as the Heritage Foundation works to #KeepItGoing. 

The Heritage Foundation has also included a blog post about the time capsule.

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